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What Causes Those Red Bumps?


Mast Cell + CapillaryJust under our skin are capillaries carrying blood with its circulating red cells (red blood cell) and a variety of white blood cell types. Just outside of the capillaries, in the tissue of the dermis, lurk specialized immune cells called MAST CELLS.

When we get itchy red bumps on our skin from contact with an "allergen", it is due to how our mast cells respond to the allergen.




Red Welt!Mast cells are covered with molecules of Immunoglobulin E antibody (IgE, IgE).

There are antigens (antigen) in dust mites, in their droppings (dust mite feces) and shed exoskeletons. Once these antigens get under the skin of an allergic host, the antigens cause mast cells to go berserk, releasing histamine which leads to localized leakage of fluid from capillaries, hence the itchy red bumps.