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Cellular Glossary



Vaccine A substance that stimulates a remembered adaptive immune response that can prevent a disease from occurring.

Vacuole A membrane-bound fluid filled organelle of eukaryote cells that may contain nutrient or waste materials.

Virion A complete virus outside of the host cell that has the genetic material (DNA or RNA) contained in a protein shell (capsid).

Virus An infective agent consisting of a genetic core (DNA or RNA) with a protein shell that can only reproduce within a living host cell.



White Blood Cell (leukocyte) A colorless immune cell found in the circulation. These include lymphocytes, macrophages, granulocytes, and monocytes.





Zeiosis Violent membrane blebbing by a cell undergoing apoptosis. Watch zeiosis in an apoptotic neutrophil.

Zygote Fertilized egg that can develop into a new individual. The product from the fusion of a female and male gamete.