CELLS alive!


Welcome to the CELLS alive! BioCams. These are a bit different from "livecams" you might find elsewhere on the web - these repeat at daily or shorter intervals in order to convey information on biological rhythms.

You may have seen time-lapse images of flowers opening and cells dividing. But how much really changes from one minute to the next? These webcams allow you to gauge those biological activities in "real time". How long does it take for a population of cancer cells growing in a dish to double? How long for a population of bacteria?

Cancer Cell Cam

Cancer Call CamThis 24 hour series begins every midnight and shows cell division in a population of cultured cancer cells. Images are updated every 10 minutes throughout the day.



Bacteria Cam

Bacteria CamThis 6 hour series begins 4 times per day: midnight, 6AM, noon, and 6PM. A new image is loaded every minute.



Some Keywords:

cell division, mitosis, meiosis, cell cycle, cancer, exponential growth, lag phase, log phase, stationary phase, time lapse photography