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"exciting and comprehensive database of film and computer-enhanced images"

"slick animations "
"beautiful graphics"
"quietly celebrates the Web's real miracle: giving all of us access to amazing worlds we would never see otherwise"

"Still one of our favorite sites"
"it's definitely a sight to see"

Scientific American
October 30, 2005

TIME Digital
June 24, 1996

Popular Science
September, 1999


TOP 5% of Internet Sites: (Point Survey)
The World Wide Web Top 1000: (Point Survey)
Glenn Davis'Cool Site of the Day (Infi.net, 8/28/95)
Top Ten Learning Studio Sites, 11/95: The Exploratorium
BAT's Catch of the day (10/30/95)
A Tripod Tool for Life (11/3/95)
Editor's Picks, Genentech's Access Excellence
Weekly Pick of Cool Science Sites Microsoft Network (10/25/95)
Among the Digital Dozen of Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (11/95)
Rated as a good starting point in SCIENCE: BIOLOGY by Yahoo!
Presented 4 STARS, the top site rating by Magellan.
A Computer Currents Interactive (CCI) Link of the Week (2/5/96).
Among the Learning in Motion Top Ten of the Month (May, '96)
Named COOL SCIENCE Site of the Week by OMNI (5/30/96)
Presented the USA TODAY HOT SITE AWARD (6/3/96)
Chosen as a Student Choice site by Kaplan.
Named a HOT SPOT by Planet Science.
Cool Site of the Day: Blue Planet (6/29/96).
Sherrod Research Web Site of the Month (8/96).
On the cover of SCIENCE issue: "Computers in Biology" (8/2/96).
Reviewed as a Webcrawler Select Site (9/96).
World Wide Web Associates Top Ten Winner
HotWired HotSite!
CoolScience winner OMNI (9/96)
Wise Owl Site of the Month for September '96
Cool Central Cool Site of the Hour
WITI Link of the Week
SciWeb Site of the Week
The GIST Web Pick
HomePC Top 500 on the Web
Dr. Matrix' Weird Web World of Science Award for Science Excellence
Reviewed in SCIENCE: 5/29/98
Named to Popular Science Magazine's (1998) Top 50 Science & Technology Websites
Once Again: Popular Science Magazine's (1999) Top 50 Science & Technology Websites
Internet Guide Award from britannica.com
Sci/Tech Top 25 Award in 2005 from Scientific American
MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resources - MERLOT Classics 2012




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